Sone ki Chidiya a special topic that very few people know. Today we are going to discuss the full form of India. India has been called many names. Manu people live in India, but very few people know about the full form of India. If you are an Indian citizen, you must know about the full form of India. If you already know the full form of India, then it is proud that you have knowledge of your country from where you are a citizen.

As we all know, the culture and history of India are different from the other countries in the world. This is a proud fact for us. India gains a lot of respect globally for its principles and practices.

Sone ki Chidiya

India Gate
India Gate

Many years ago, India was known as the “Sone ki Chidiya” Our land of India gives birth to many brave activists and great persons such as Swami Vivekananda, Abdul Kalam, Aryabhatta, and Mahatma Gandhi. If we take analysis based on population, India comes at second position in the world. Every people who live in India will be proud that they are citizens of India.

You should always stand for your country, whether it is to encourage the India Team or to drain the lives on the border to save and protect our country. But you must know the fact of India is named Hindustan. If you already know about it, then it is good. But if you do not know about it, we will give you complete information.

Why is India known as Hindustan?

Hindustan was derived from the Hindu and Hindu from the Sanskrit word. In the Greek’s time, the Indus was represented as the river, and also in Greeks, it is known as Indoi. If you also want to know about the full form of India, then consider the further factor of the article.

Full form of India?

In Reality, India is itself a complete meaning. It has not the official full form of India. The fact came from the Indus river itself was called the Indus River which was sound Hindu In greek language. Hindu is pronounced as the Indus. From this pronunciation of Indus, India was named India. Of the total seven continents in the world, India asides in the southern part of the Asia continent.
In terms of the area and region, India is come to the seven place among all the countries in the world and is referred at second position in terms of population. It has no official full form of India, but people on the internet make many other full forms. It also highlights how the creative people of India are. Here we present the interesting full form of India.

  • I for Independent
  • N for National
  • D for Democratic
  • I for Intelligent
  • A for Area
  • I for Independent
  • N for Nation
  • D for Declared
  • I for In
  • A for August

This full form is not considered the official full form of India. In Reality, there is no actual full form of India.

Other Names of India

There are many other Indian names such as Hindustan, Bharat, and India. All the people of India know it by its all name. But today, we have given you the additional names of India who have less known by the people. If we see India on the map of India, then we see the shape of India as the Mother India, whose center is Jammu and Kashmir. On the north side of the map is the origin of the Atal Himalaya, and on the south part of the map, it is the Indian ocean lies.
Along with this, the Arabian sea is in the southwest part. The Bay of Bengal lies in the southeast part of India. As per the location of the map of several regions, we present many names of India.

As Follows


It is the very old name of India. In the northern regions of India, it is known as the Aryavrata, and in the South region of India, it is named the Dravida.


The name of India as the Bharatvarsh address the region in the Vishnu Purana. This name indicates to use of the area to the south of the Himalayas Mountains. Its name comes from the place where Bharata’s ancestors lived.


In the 11th century, the name of the country Hindustan was given by the Mughals. Mughals conquered India and named it Hindustan.


This word is also highlighted as having the same meaning as India. Hind name is derived from the Persian word Sindh. Sindh is pronounced in the perish language, Hind.


Many people who follow Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism give the name of the country as jambu deep, which means Jambul trees.

Golden Bird

In the freedom struggle, the name of India as the Golden bird is given by the freedom fighters to their motherland. The name of the golden bird is also pronounced as the Sone ki chidiya. This name reflects the high culture of India.


In some regions, India is known as the Bharat. The word Bharat of India is derived from where the king or ancestors lived.


In this article, we give you information about India. Here we tell you the full form of India and various other names of India. If you are the Indian citizen, then you must have knowledge about your nation. If you have already know about your country, then it is proud fact for you. You get more and better information about India in this article. If you like the information about India given in this article, then please share this article with your friends and families.
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