If you are looking to go on a trip, all your preparations are done like booking of hotel, booking the tickets, etc. But what about your Passport. If you have your Passport, then it is good. But if you do not have your Passport, you must check the status of the Passport. But how can you track the your passport status? Don’t worry, and we will give you the step-by-step procedure to check the status of your Passport. But for this, you have to read the complete article. In this article, we shared all the relevant topics related to the passport.

Why is Passport validity so important?

Indian Passport
Indian Passport

If you go out from India, you need a valid passport for at least 6 months. Without a passport, there are no chances of approval for a Visa. So it is very important to have a valid Passport, and if it is expired, you have to renew it. But there are some cases when the re-issue of the Passport will be required.

  • If you want to change your particular details like your name, date of birth, etc.
  • If your passport validity expires, then it is a requirement to re-issue the Passport.
  • If there is any damage caused to your Passport, it is necessary to re-issue the Passport.
  • Sometimes you lose your Passport, so there is a need to re-issue the Passport.
  • The collapse of passport pages

How to check your Passport status?

Here we provide a simple guide to checking in a few steps to make things easier. There are many ways to track your Passport. You can check the status of your Passport online while comfortable at your home or offline by visiting the near passport office. Let us gives you the way to check the passport status online or offline.


With the development of digital facilities in India, most people prefer to check their status online rather than visit the nearest passport office. You can check the Indian by visiting the Passport Seva portal’s official government website.

You can also check the passport status online by downloading the mPassport Seva application. This application is downloaded easily both on Android and iPhones. Consider the following steps to check the passport status via this application.

  • First, you have all your required documents in your hand.
  • Now the interface will ask you for your 15-digit passport file number.
  • Now put date of birth in it.
  • You have to click on the track option on the drop-down menu to track the Passport application status.
  • Give the necessary details.
  • Now you will be able to see the status of your passport application on the screen.


If you are not satisfied with checking the passport status online, we provide you step by step instructions to check the passport status offline. Consider the following steps if you want to check the passport status offline.

  • Via telephone: There are various toll numbers available from which you can directly call the National Call centre. This toll-free number is 18002581800. The call facility is only available from 8:00 Am to 10:00 Pm if you want to speak to the executive to get the updates on your Passport application.
  • Via text message: You can send the text message from your registered mobile number that you gave in the procedure of passport application. You will start getting notifications or updates after sending the text message. But to use this service, you pay the charges to them.
  • Via automatic interactive voice response system: It is also an option to adopt this facility if you cannot contact them during in-office hours.
  • Via email: You can also send the email to check the passport status offline.
  • Via visiting the passport seva portal: You can visit the passport seva portal website to check the status of your Passport. It is an official portal given by the government.
Passport at Airport
Passport at Airport

Time required in the procedure of Passport

The time taken in the passport procedure will depend upon the type of passport application filled by you. Normally, the passport application procedure takes the time of 30-45 days. But there is also a faster mode to get your Passport in less time. This faster method to take the Passport in a few days is Tatkal mode. Using this faster mode, you can get your Passport within 7 to 14 days.

Time of Issue

If the time of issuing the Passport succeeds, or you are unable to check the status of the Passport, you have to take strict action against the negligence of the undelivered Passport. Also, many delays, disruptions, and restrictions were caused during working hours during the corona pandemic.

In India, the Ministry of the external affairs provides better guidelines and mechanisms for the Indians to deal with such issues. You can solve this problem by giving all the necessary details or submitting your grievance via phone call, submitting the complaint to the nearest passport office, filing the complaint in the feedback form, sending an email of complaint, or visiting the Passport seva portal.

In these several mechanisms, you can deal with problems that occur in the delivery of a passport.


In this article, we tell you the procedure to check the status of your Passport. There are various ways to check the passport status. You can easily check the status of you passport online or offline as per your choice. But we are suggested to ensure the passport requirements are fully complete before you plan for the trip. If you have an urgent requirement for a Passport or renewal, you get the Passport quickly by going to the Tatkal mode. You can easily check your passport status with the above steps discussed by us in the article.

If you have any queries related to this article, drop your queries in the comments box below. We tried to respond to you as soon as possible.

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