Nowadays, the Kedarnath yatra is very popular, and many people have been engaged in the Kedarnath yatra for many past years. The number of devotes rises day by day towards the Kedarnath yatra. The temple of Kedarnath is situated at 3584m height and heading towards the Kedarnath top at 16Km trek. Heading towards this strong height path of Kedarnath temple is so high.

But now the old trend is gone, those senior citizens or older people who cannot make their journey to the Kedarnath temple now become easy to head towards the Kedarnath Temple through the initiatives taken by the Kedarnath helicopter services. The service made the journey so easy, and it helped the people to take the blessings from the Kedarnath temple.

The services of Kedarnath temple are so popular during the Chardham Yatra because of the long distance on the way to Kedarnath temple. It is also famous because Kedarnath temple is the most famous pilgrimage area from the Chardham. A huge of associations provide the Kedarnath helicopter services from the different areas such as Dehradun, Phata, Sirsi, and Guptkashi.

What do you mean by Kedarnath helicopter services?

One of the maximum locations of Kedarnath witnesses the huge number of devotees coming from the different sections of the country every year. Kedarnath is called impeccable non- secular charisma and architecture because of the maximum outstanding of the Jyotirlingas of the country.

Kedarnath temple is closed to the Sonprayog and also attains the shine for protecting the hiking path by choosing the helicopter services.

Name of the companies who offer the Helicopter services

  1. Pawan Hans: It is known as one of the reputated and skilled companies for helicopter services. Pawan Hans offers day by day helicopter services from the Phata to Kedarnath.
  2. Himalayan Heli: It is one of the most skilled helicopter companies that generated its superb carrier in 2015.
  3. Aryan Aviation: One of the maximum aviation companies that supply its best services in the past years. The chopper furnished provided by the Aryan aviation are limited to 5 seaters only.
  4. Prabhatam Aviation: It is also an honest helicopter services provider company within the nation that has been hit reaching its aim.
  5. UT Air India: It is a well-organised and registered helicopter company that verifies under the act of Indian companies in 1956. It is shortlisted among the top companies to avail of the helicopter services for Kedarnath.

Name of helipads for the Kedarnath helicopter services

  1. Dehradun helipad

There are a total of 109KM from Dehradun to Kedarnath. You reach the Kedarnath from the Dehradun within 45 minutes through the services of the Kedarnath helicopter. The altitude of the Dehradun helipad is around 2175 feet. Here you will get good resorts and hotels to stay in.

  1. Sirsi Helipad

There are a total of 23KM from Sirsi to Kedarnath. You reach the Kedarnath from the Sirsi within 11 minutes through the services of the Sirsi helipad. The altitude of the Sirsi helipad is around 6500 feet. You can easily get good accommodation at the Sirsi because this place is close to the sonprayog.

  1. Phata Helipad

There are a total of 25KM from Phata to Kedarnath. You reach the Kedarnath from the Phata within 9 minutes through the services of the Phata helipad. The altitude of the Guptakshi helipad is around 4921 feet. You can also get the hotels or resorts to stay at the Phata.

  1. Guptkashi Helipad

There are a total of 46KM from Guptkashi to Kedarnath. You reach the Kedarnath from the Guptkashi within 15 minutes through the services of the Guptkashi helipad. The altitude of the Guptakshi helipad is around 4800 feet. Guptkashi is also considered a famous stop on the way to Kedarnath, here you will the good accommodation such as hotels to stay there.

Advantages of Kedarnath yatra by the helicopter

There are many benefits provided to you when you can avail the Kedarnath helicopter services while going to Kedarnath Yatra. Tell us about all the benefits made after adopting the Kedarnath helicopter services.

  • Less time consuming: If you want to go for the Kedarnath yatra, it is very time-consuming because it is very far. But if you often choose to travel with the Kedarnath helicopter services, it automatically saves your time.
  • Easy to travel by helicopter: It is easy to travel by helicopter and make a safe journey to the Kedarnath. It reduces the stages of pressure level of pilgrimage. The services of the Kedarnath helicopter make it less complicated and save you from hard adventures.
  • V VIP pass: Some of the companies additionally offer you the VVIP pass access along with the services of Kedarnath temple. It is an amazing deal that you get with the Kedarnath helicopter services.
  • Worth your cash: Many people believe that the miles are low cost compared to the adventures of the street. It is also true that after selecting the Kedarnath helicopter services, the price is less. You also get a high level of comfort. Additionally, a clean environment and a safe journey are worth your cash. The food and drinks facilities also consist of the Kedarnath helicopter services that are definitely worth your cash.
  • Able to see beautiful views: If you are going for Kedarnath Yatra with the help of helicopter services, you will like the beautiful and amazing capes and mountains. You will get a better experience by travelling to the Kedarnath by helicopter.


Kedarnath is the most pilgrimage area, and the yatra towards the Kedarnath is the most prestigious yatra of all time; if you also want to go for the Kedarnath yatra, then this article definitely will be helpful for you. Here we give you all relevant information about the Kedarnath helicopter services. If you have any doubts or queries about this article, you can directly contact us and drop your queries in the comments box below.

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