Badrinath is a town and nagar panchayat in the Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand, constitutes one of the four heavenly abodes (char dham) of the Hindu pilgrimage circuits in India. It is set up pleasantly in the background of the Neelkanth mountain top and always mesmerises travellers with its beauty. From the Hindu mythology, it is believed that Badrinath was the land of lord Shiva and lord Vishnu figured out how to send Shiva from Badrinath to kedarnath. Another legendary mystery is that Ganga dies upon Earth, channels on Kedarnath, thereby providing Badrinath unprecedented dignity.

If you are planning for a religious trip to Badrinath and are confused about the places to visit? then here is a solution for your dilemma, following is the list of 5 divine places to visit in Badrinath.

The Badrinath Temple

The temple, situated at an altitude of 3133 metres above sea level. The Badrinath Temple is situated in Garhwal hill on the banks of Alaknanda river. Just inside the temple is Mandapa, a huge pillared hall that leads to garbha griha, or the main shrine. The mountain soar determines to touch the heavens, as if mythology comprehends the gods around these snow-capped peaks.

According to Hindu scriptures, lord Hari undertook severe penance. Lord Hari’s godly consort, Mata Mahalaxmi turned herself into a Badri tree to save him from unstable weather conditions.

 People worship lord Narayan as the lord of Badri-Badrinath. The shops in front of the main temple sell small sugar balls ( Nakul-dana) to offer to lord Narayan.

The devotees of the lord Badrinath come from distinct places for ‘Darshan’. The devotees worship lord Vishnu in a Shaligram (a black stone) idol; sitting in a meditative pose surrounded by idols of other gods like Ganesha, Garuda, kuber and more. Fifteen more idols are also worshipped around the temple.

Tapt Kund

In Hindi scriptures, Tapt Kund is known to be the home  of lord Agni. Hot water with temperature 45 degree Celsius, which is just above the Alaknanda river at NH 58, where devotees take bath before going to Badrinath Temple and special enclosures are also made for women. A common belief lies in the relieving properties of sulphur in the water and the conviction of having goodness of exonerating devotees of all sin.

According to Hindu mythology, Narad, Narsingh, Vara, Garur and Markandy are five boulders which you can find close to the Tapt Kund.

Charan Paduka

Three km away from the main temple, a place with imprints of lord Vishnu’s feet known as Charan Paduka. Due to narrow and steep roads, it takes an hour to reach the spot. The spot is exactly 1030 metres above the sea level and is surrounded with breathtaking meadows. There is no entry free, and is open at all times from sunrise to sunset. Charan Paduka is one of the most divine places to visit in Badrinath. The mesmerising view of the glaciers is a treat for the beholder’s eyes.

According to a legend, lord shiva and Parvati used to be vested in the temple premise. One day, they saw a child there, and decided to carry him to their house. Keeping that child at home, God and his consort went to take bath in the river. On returning, they find all the doors of the temple locked from inside. Badrinarayan appeared in his true avtar and asked them to move to Kedarnath. walking through the lanes of the town and crossing the small bridge, I reached a spot of raised mass with an uneven Rock black in colour (sign of deity Badrinath).

Other things to do near Charan paduka:

  • Trekking
  • Exploring the surrounding meadows

Vasudhara Falls

4 km away from Badrinath, at Mana, the delightful cascade named as Vasundhara Falls at 400 feet which is considered to be the resting spot of the Pandavas. This serene place is located in the surrounding Himalayas with the belief that the falls turn away from the people who are impure at heart.

If you want to witness the beauty of the Vasudhara Falls you may go early in the morning. You can travel by Jeep or taxi from Badrinath, make sure that you have an umbrella and trekking shoes.

Other Temples In The Vicinity

Other than Badrinath Temple, there are Mata Murti Mandir mandir, Brahma-kapal and sheshnetra temples to visit. Mata Murti Temple-the temple of the mother of twins (Nar and Narayan). On the day of Shravan dwadashi, a fair is held every year in the month of September at the temple.

Brahma – kapal is a platform on the bank of the river Alaknanda, where Hindus perform pacifying rights for their departed ancestors. On the opposite side of Alaknanda river, there are two seasonal lakes. Between them there is a boulder having an impression of the legendary snake sheshnag. The Hindu mythological tales say lord Vishnu to pull back on a snake here. The formation of an eye on the stone is natural, which attracts major tourists.


These are the 5 divine places to visit in Badrinath, depicting the soul beauty of this place. Badrinath is one of the four abodes of Hindu pilgrimage, but the Charan Paduka,Tapt Kund, vasudhara falls and other Temples make this place more unique and pleasant. No other materialistic thing can take the place of the inner peace that we get from this heaven Badrinath.

Badrinath is not confined to these five places, but there are many more spots such as Bheem pul ( Natural bridge of stones), Mana Village (scenic place to explore), Alka puri (watch the source of water), Vyas gufa ( abode of vyas and Ganesha), Satopanth etc. that makes Badrinath not just a religious place but a spot where families, friends or any age can enjoy.

This article gives you all information about the Badrinath, for any query you can write it in our comment section.

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