Today, we will bring the information on the article, What is Paytm Card? Few people know about it. Everyone knows about Paytm, but not many people know about the Paytm card. Nowadays, Paytm Bank launched the Paytm card. Let us give your more detail on this topic.
Firstly, we want to tell you that the Paytm bank recently launched Paytm Card. Sometime before, new facilities came with Paytm, in which Paytm Card is one of the facilities came to provide better services to the customers. Paytm bank offers a debit card system to all its customers.
You can withdraw the money anytime via ATM, and it can only be done with the help of the Paytm Debit Card provided by the Paytm Bank. This facility provides by Paytm Bank to its customers for a better experience. This facility is considered necessary for ATM Card transactions. Paytm Debit Card was launched by Paytm, an electronic commerce system and digital wallet company, on May 16. To get information about the Paytm card, read the complete article where we give you all information related to the Paytm card.

What do you mean by Paytm Card?

As we tell you, Paytm bank has recently launched the Paytm Card. Paytm Card is similar to a Visa Card, e.g., a Debit Card. Firstly, Paytm bank launched the virtual debit card. After the analysis, it is recorded that more than 45 lakhs of people are using the PAN card that the Paytm Bank also launched. Then now, Paytm bank launched a physical debit card, named Paytm Card, that works similar to ATM Card.
We can say that the Paytm card is just like the ATM or debit card from the above facts. You can also use the Paytm card anywhere, like a debit card or credit card. People either use debit cards, virtual debit cards, or physical debit cards. In all cases, people are associated with Paytm Bank. Nowadays, the number of physical and virtual debit cards is the same. Both the cards are used for the purpose of ATMs. You can pay online through the Paytm Card, just like the ATM Card. For Example, when you go shopping, you can pay bills online shopping through the Paytm Card.

Account verification in Paytm bank

Paytm Bank account will never be used without verification. If you want to access and verify your Paytm bank account, you must require your Paytm bank verification. There are only two options to do the Paytm bank account verification. Let us tell you the same.

  • Agent verification: if you select the option of Agent verification, then some authorized agents come to your mentioned address for verification. After the agents do the account verification, your Paytm bank account is activated.
  • Center verification: If you select the option of Center verification, you will have to proceed with the Paytm bank account verification. You have to verify your account here. Only after verification your Paytm Bank account will be activated. Once your Paytm bank account is activated, you will access the Paytm card in the online application format. You have to send an online request for this. Once the request is approved, your Paytm debit card will be sent to your mentioned address.

How to apply for a Paytm debit card?

If you are interested in the Paytm Card and want to apply for the Paytm debit card, then consider the following information in which we tell you how to apply for Paytm Debit Card.

  • Firstly, download the Paytm application on your device. You can download it anywhere, whether it is a smartphone or an IOS smartphone.
  • After downloading the Paytm application on your device, you have to click on the icon of Paytm Payment Bank.
  • Now, some ads are appearing in front of you. Here you will see the options of a debit card or virtual debit card.
  • Next, you have to scroll down and see the option of bank account service. Further, you will see the debit card option, and you have to tap on it.
  • Now virtual debit card option appears on your screen from where you see the option to request a card.
  • Tap on it.
  • Here you can determine the card details and registration address. Then, you will see the radio button option at the side of the address details. When you tap on it, the option of address is selected.
  • Then you see the highlighted option to process to pay. Tap on it. Here you have to pay Rs.120 to process the Paytm debit card.
  • Once you make the payment for the Paytm card procedure, the Paytm debit card will be sent offline at your specific address details.

Few things that you should consider while using the Paytm Debit Card

  • You should only use the Paytm Debit Card or ATM card in India. These Paytm Card offered by the Paytm Bank is not worked out in India.
  • You can transact money up to Rs.25,000 in a day with the help of a Paytm card or ATM card.
  • Paytm card offers only three transactions made in a month. You cannot do more than three transactions in a month with the help of a Paytm debit card. If you want to do more transactions than it, then you have to debit Rs.5 from your account on each transaction.


Today in this article, we provide you with all information about the Paytm card. Here we tell you the meaning of the Paytm card, its verification for a Paytm ban account, considering things, applying for a Paytm card, etc. All the information is gathered through official and accurate tools. Hope the information given by us in this article is helpful for you.
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